About Us



10-8 Apparel was founded by a U.S. military veteran turned law enforcement officer, who lives by the guardian ethos, “I am my brother’s keeper”. The brand was inspired by our nation’s heroes who willingly stand on the front lines at home and abroad in defense of this great nation.


Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality product and excellent customer service, while proudly flying Old Glory as ambassadors for patriotism through the creative expressions inked on our products.


The term 10-8 originates from the world of law enforcement, and technically represents a status of readiness and being available for service. However, within the subculture of the field, 10-8 is used as a term of endearment to describe an individual who embodies the highest level of professionalism, preparedness and expertise. 10-8 represents the best in us and the best of us and we are proud to now have our customers be a part of that legacy.

To wear 10-8 Apparel, service to our nation as a military member or police officer is not a requirement but appreciation and gratitude for those who have made the sacrifice for our freedom is. 10-8 Apparel, “Stay Ready”.