About Us

About Us

10-8 Apparel is more than a brand, it is a lifestyle

We are an exclusive company that offers graphic-designed merchandise that caters to pure originality and high-durability. These are the core values, that surrounds our ability.

What Sets Us Apart?

The clothing industry is saturated with many brands and names. But, in the ocean of many, what sets us apart is the unique fusion we bring in our merchandise. We are the only company that took an unorthodox initiative of merging the vibe of patriotism, social relevance, and active lifestyle in a single brand. Moreover, our designs portray harmony & transcend all barriers.

What Our Online-Store Has To Offer You?

We have high-quality and insanely durable merchandise in our stock that includes but is not limited to original graphically printed t-shirts, hoodies, T-tops for both genders. Moreover, our collection also entails shorts, women’s leggings, and headwear.

Our brand didn’t stop at just clothe offerings. We have much more in our bucket to offer. 10-8 LLC also sells branded items such as stickers, morale patches, and shaker bottles.

Our Company’s Goal

Our company stands strong and thrives to gain nationwide notoriety in the niche market of a patriotic and active lifestyle - by offering such items that reflect the same vibe and motto.

10-8 Apparel’s Philosophy and Values

Our company’s philosophy is “Stay Ready”. We execute our mission with the values of Inspiration, Duty, Valor, Fidelity, and Honor. Our uniqueness lies in our ability to create perpetual impacts on the customers by offering high-quality merchandise.

What Our Company Actually Thrive For?

Our company believes in originality. Thus, we deliver the same products as displayed - durable, high-quality, and sustainable. We take pride in valuing our customers with utmost respect and love.

10-8 Apparel LLC gets deeply into customer’s desires related to their clothing needs and offers a unique brand representing their values and voices. The shopping experience with us is different from the usual one because ours make them feel loved, represented and lived.

10-8 apparel is more than a brand & find its root in providing apparel that aligns with the core belief of the generation by offering a unique brand that represents values & cores